Jun 27, 2012

Well Hello Again!

Well, taking a break from blogging was definitely good for me.  I spent more time outside with the kids and my house was a lot cleaner :)  I mentioned in a previous post that we are looking for a house.  It has been emotionally draining and discouraging, but I am just grateful that we are in a position to do so, and I am hopeful that we will find something soon.  

Lately I have been thinking a lot about paint colors.  I try not to decorate with too much color because I usually get sick of it after a month, so I am really nervous about painting my walls a color.  Here are some colors I am thinking about for the main living areas in a house:

Do any of you have a color you have painted your house with and love?

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tiff said...

I love the second photo, the one with the blue accents. It's so calming! Welcome back to blogworld:)


Karena said...

I am loving pale lavender gray right now, so restful, cool and soft! Welcome back, we all need a break!
Art by Karena