Sep 22, 2011

Can it be Fall Already?

For some reason I am SOO anxious for Fall this year.  Usually I am so sad when summer starts to leave, but I can't wait this year! 

I can't wait to wear Fall clothes:

images via

And to eat Fall food:

images via

And to take pictures with the pretty colors:

image via

Are you anxious for Fall and cold weather?  Or is this just a pregnancy thing?

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ElleSee said...

I enjoy Autumn because the blistering temperatures are no longer, but I don't enjoy having to wear a jacket.

Unknown said...

I am not preggo and def. love fall! so excited to wear all my boots, sweaters and skinny jeans, i love your posted looks and the food!

xoxo Hope you'll come by and say hello!

Justine said...

I am waiting for fall riding boots to hit stores!

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