Jan 3, 2011

Winter Pretties

So, usually after Christmas I am just done with the cold and ready for Spring.  But, this year I am going to just enjoy the season I am in...yeah, it's a new thing I am trying - to enjoy the moment I am in. :)

How about some pretty photos to make winter a little more appealing???

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Unknown said...

Stunning winter scenes

Cassie said...

Fantastic images!!!
Love that truck!!!

Erin said...

Your photos are amazing!!! I love them.

Molly Jane said...

Loving this photos and I couldn't agree with you more about trying to enjoy every moment. Sometimes is is so easy to get caught up focusing on the future. Thanks for the reminder!


Molly Jane

PS. Happy New Year! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season!:) Stop by and say hi!


Johnna Brunenkant said...

Stunning photography! That sure captures the beauty of winter. Thanks for helping me redirect my focus from the dreary days.

Blessings to you!
Johnna Brunenkant