Dec 5, 2010


One of the coolest feelings is to look at a blog you follow and see your name under a giveaway win.  That is why I am going to wait a day or two until I e-mail these winners:

Winner of the Stella Blue Giveaway:
tanya904 said... 69 i follow via gfc tanyainjville at yahoo dot com

 Winner of the Handmade:Modern Giveaway:
Elizabeth said... 29I'm a follower!

Winner of the Angee's Originals Giveaway:
Crystal said... 70I like it... I like it A LOT. On Facebook! :)

Winner of Alejandra's Jewelry Giveaway:
Lee said... 90I am a follower of a few of my favorite things!

Winner of Besa Me Art Giveaway:
Justine said... 19 follower of your blog

Winner of Pretty Things For You Giveaway: 
Crystal said... 8 The animal vintage would have been perfect for Gavin's 1st Birthday! I think that is my favorite.

 Congrats!! You can contact me first if you see this before I e-mail you.

All winners are chosen from random number generator.  Keep trying if you haven't won any of my giveaways - my entries are low and I give you a few chances to enter so your odds are good!!
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Crystal Spencer said...


Jamie Clark said...

You are one lucky girl Crystal. Maybe you should go to Vegas... :)

Justine said...

Woah! Okay, I am definitely going to finish my paper and wait for your email :)

Just Better Together

Lee said...

You are right - its fun to check on the blog and then surprise see your name! thanks! congrats to all the winners!