Sep 3, 2009

Eden Family Reunion in Oregon

I am finally posting pics from the family reunion beginning of August. They aren't in any sort of order sorry! Above: We were those annoying people on the airplane with a toddler...
Allie loves kitties...until you put one on her. Who doesn't like holding kittens? Silly girl.
All together just like old times! It was the best.
Eating the last dinner together at the Durika's. Yeah, that's me eating way too much cheesecake in the background :(
My pretty sister...she NEVER lets me take her pic so this is rare.
Allie loved the sheep. She learned how to make the sound they make while we were there.
LOVE those boots. She will be wearing them always when they fit her better this winter.
This is not as obnoxious when it is your own child.
Loves her grandpa.
The Wikles live on a small blueberry farm...they don't sell them anymore, so there is lots for us to pick and take home whenever we go :) These are the best blueberries you will ever taste.
Allie thought so too. Little blueberry thief. We could barely pick them fast enough for her to eat. Then she learned how to pick them herself and thought that was the coolest thing ever.
My buddy.
She loves Mel.
Meghan did almost everyone's toenails at the reunion. She has some talent! I still haven't taken mine off and its been over 3 weeks...they are just too cute!
This is a fun game. Of course I was the best and beat everyone there :) hahaha...not.
Allie played so hard and had so much fun at the reunion...I was exhausted.
Mel and Jace. They are too cute.

Decided to try some special effects...
Kinda different, but kinda cool. I promise Allie has pants...sometimes I just get tired when I'm dressing her :)
So cute when she whines. hahaha
I think we had more fun with the bubbles than Allie did :) I didn't get many pics with her playing with them - she was too fast.
So good to get to see Brian while we were may be a long time til we see him again. Get better Brian!
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Em and Ms said...

You got some great pictures! I love Allie's face with the kitten on her lap--so cute!

Ceci and Steven said...

Awww...way fuN! and yeah, good pics, they captured all the fun you had! and that little Allie keeps getting cuter and cuter by the day!