Jul 27, 2009

Pete's Hole

For Pioneer Day, we went with Ryan and Amy up to Pete's Hole (in the canyon above Ephraim, UT). Trey has gone there with my family a couple times and has been wanting to take me forever. It was so pretty! We slept there Thursday night and fished until about 1pm on Friday.

The lake was so clear you could see the fish swimming around in it.
Amy has hardly ever fished and she caught a bunch.
Ryan caught the biggest fish (him and Trey ended up calling a tie since they both caught 14 1/2 inch fish) But, Ryan's was the biggest albino.
The fish that I "caught" (more like reeled in after Trey hooked it for me :)
Allie played in the truck bed a lot of the time. The rest of the time her and I walked around the lake.
Trey's 14 1/2 inch rainbow.
On the drive back.

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