Jun 18, 2009

New Toys

For those of you who know me well, you know that my favorite thing is to be with and keep in touch with my family and friends (and of course boating…) So, it shouldn’t be surprising how much I LOVE facebook, blogging, e-mail, and my cell phone. Well, within the last 2 weeks my cell phone died, my e-mail wouldn’t let me open my messages, and Blogger just was getting too annoying to use… At first I was a little annoyed, but shortly after realized that “hey I LIKE change and I should be excited to try out some new toys.” Here is what I have been doing:

First off, I switched after using JUNO for 10 years to Gmailgmail I LOVE it…for so many reasons.

Secondly, I got a new cell phone…the LG enV 3 (just came out last week)


LOVE LOVE it for even more reasons.

And today I am trying out something new with my blog…

I am writing my blog posts on:


I like it so far…but its not my favorite. Anything is better than Blogger though :)

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Em and Ms said...

It's especially fun to try new things when they turn out better than what you used before! I switched to gmail a few years ago and have loved it ever since. I'll have to try that Windows Live Writer though. Have fun with your new things! It's so frustrating when you're without your means of communication.

Fister Family said...

I might have to try that windows thing. Blogger can be really annoying!

p.s.- Your last post was cute:)

Brook said...

If you switched to Google Chrome as your browser blogger won't work correctly. For some reason they don't quite jive. Whenever I am going to blog I pull it up in Internet Explorer and it works fine. Good luck!

Liz Harnish said...

Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the little note! I'm excited to join the "mommy group," and even more excited to not be pregnant any more! I look forward to getting to know you better, and by the way, Allie is adorable - she makes me so excited we're having a girl!

Candice said...

We need to hang out soon!

THE HYDE'S!!!!!!! said...

Jessica....I was so excited to see your comment on my blog! I know it has been a long time but I haven't been the best at blogging lately. I can't believe Allie is already a year and I haven't even met here. We really need to get together and catch up sometime. I might have some time at the beginning of this week because Justin is out of town until Thursday morning so I wont be needed in the office as much. I would just love to stop by or something! Give me a call if you are around and have a minute!

Jess said...

Stef, hey!! I am so glad you got your message! You could totally come over this week if you'd like! I only have a couple things going so give me a call and we'll figure something out! I am excited! (801)592-8065

I'm posting this on your blog too, just in case you don't see this!

Candice said...

im so glad i found your blog (or you found mine first) so Lyla is due aug. 23rd! crazy its coming so fast!
im so glad we have these blogs now i can see whats going on in your life