Apr 23, 2009

Allie's First Birthday

Trey took an unexpected lunch break on Allie's birthday and surprised both of us with a little present for Allie. It was so sweet of him because I felt bad that we weren't really doing anything on her actual birthday.
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Crystal Spencer said...

Aw! That is such a cute little video! That was nice of Trey to think of visiting you guys. I love the part when Allie is looking at herself in the balloon. What a cutie! Happy Birthday, Allie!

ammunk said...

cutest thing ever! Happy birthday Allie!

Molly Marisa said...

Hi Jessica! So the pictures on your facebook of your little girl are adorable. Were you bald forever? My sister and I were both bald forever...must be a blondey thing :)What a cutie!