Oct 5, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

I haven't been the best at taking pictures of my outfits lately.  Partly because I hate using my point-and-shoot camera when my Nikon is sitting on the table looking at me and I am avoiding it since I am without a computer screen.  However, my new Dell 2209 WA 22" UltraSharp Wide LCD Monitor just came today and I am loading up all my unedited pictures right now as I type this. :)  All you photographers out there - this monitor is awesome...and such a great deal.

Anyways, here are the few outfits I have to share this week (that may be from previous weeks but are just now coming off my camera):

Church outfit:
Favorite Cardigan ever: Target $12
Skirt: Banana Republic
Watch made of safety pins and beads: $11 online...you can make your own too. :)

 Weekday in office
 Shirt - $2 Thrifted
Khakis - Express

Another church outfit (I promise I wasn't grumpy:)
Dress - $4 Thrifted 
Necklaces - Charlotte Russe (around $5 each)

Want to learn how to curl your hair like mine in 5 minutes?  Go watch my tutorial.

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Justine said...

I really like your cardi and watch too!

And we have the same computer screen! So far I never turned mine. I just keep it horizontal. It seems the most practical for me.

Just Better Together

Katie said...

Cute stuff! That watch is awesome. And, I LOVE your tutorial ~ I've watched it many times and am getting better at doing my own hair the same way. No one ever believes I actually curl it with a flat iron :)

Sarah loves it all said...

Love your watch and your cardigan. You're always beautiful.

Ana Paula@ Get Craftin said...

You just looked cute every day!! I can understand why that's your favorite cardigan, it's perfect, love the colors on it. Also loving those necklaces you were with the dress, so cute!

Jewelscapes Handmade Jewelry said...

You look so beautiful in every outfit. That's an awesome watch!

everyone who coordinates jewelry with their outfits is always invited to join up at Bejeweled Wednesdays@jewelscapes.blogspot !

L ~DIY Diva~ said...

very cute outfits!


Erin said...

Jessica, cute outfits! I love that cardigan too! Thanks for the sweet comment about my room. It can clean up nice when I actually have the time to clean it. :)I'm going to go find out how you curl your hair now. Have a great day!

Stephanie said...

what a great cardi!

Lisa Leonard said...

so fun and inspiring!! xo